Wayne French Kitchen says “Bonjour” to The South Shore…

Wayne French Kitchen says “Bonjour” to The South Shore…


If you’re a Long Islander like me you may be starting to grow weary of seeing the same exact kinds of food spots opening these days. I speak mostly of the sushi and pizza joints popping up on every corner. I call it pasta fatigue. I count over 12 of these specific spots in my little enclave of Oceanside alone.

While I love them all to death, I did find it very refreshing when, several months ago, I saw a new type of cuisine opened up in the neighborhood.

French cuisine is not something we have prototypically seen on the island; at least not in the same robust numbers we see other eateries open — as the flood of new restaurants openings in the last year continues. In that time we have seen French food become increasingly more commonplace, especially with the resurgence of brunch on the public consciousness.

Paris in New York…


Enter Wayne French Kitchen. Boasting prime real estate on the heart of Long Beach Road in Oceanside, this French-style eatery opens with a sizable bar area and an elegant dining room. I first dined at Wayne for Sunday brunch last week. The fare was typical for brunch — several Eggs Benedict options, the decadent Croque Madame, avocado toast; simple, but with that undeniable French influence. I speak of the croques in particular. A ham and cheese sandwich on steroids with a Parisian flare. And the madame — a treasure — yolkporn in all its goosebumps-inducing goodness.


The Spacious Bar

Eggs are certainly a specialty of theirs, as I had never seen such a perfectly beautiful poached egg in my entire life. It sat on a bed of smoked salmon and an English muffin, beckoning me to cut it open and release the cascade of yolk — ultimately to be collected by the muffin it lies upon.


      The Frisée Aux Lardons Salad (pictured below) is another perfect example of eggs done right; as the thick cut bacon and creamy, intense blue cheese pairs perfectly with the yolk, taking this salad to a whole other level! (This may be my favorite salad anywhere!)

Frisée Aux Lardons Salad


Several dishes I sampled were undeniably delicious, undeniably French and most certainly had some incredible “Cheesepull.” I talk of the flavorsome French Onion Soup and Croque Monsieur (pictured below). The soup was particularly spectacular; both the broth and golden cheese crust hiding the oniony goodness below. The Croque was extra cheesy, as the following video can attest.



French Onion Soup

Between the delicious new cuisine I sampled, the immaculate service and unpretentious atmosphere — I highly suggest a visit to Wayne French Kitchen for your next weekend Brunch. I have already returned to indulge in their dinner menu, so be on the lookout for my next post!

Creme Brûlée

Stop by Wayne French Kitchen in Oceanside this week and mention The_Fork_Lift for 10% off your meal; check out their menu here.

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