How to get to ONE MILLION video views in 5 Days — without destroying your retargeting funnel

Our Goal:

Take a viral video to over one million views on Facebook in under 5 days, without destroying the integrity of our retargeting audience or funnel.

The Strategy:

SmartGurlz, an e-commerce children’s toy brand, wanted to get their long-form 3 minute influencer video to over one million views as quickly as possible before the start of the holiday rush season.

In order to take this video from zero to a million views we choose to run a Video View campaign, which helps optimize the campaign for said action. Traffic campaigns will not attract those interested in watching for long enough time to count as a view.

The next step was crucial — we identified several “Second and Third Tier Countries” to run this video to. The countries we split test were Spain, Italy, Israel, South Africa, Germany, Indonesia, UAE, Poland, Australia, Hong Kong and Japan.

These countries have a far cheaper Cost per View, with the cheapest being Australia at $0.002. We split test these 10 countries against one another and slowly killed those with a higher than average Cost Per View & CPM and raised those countries’ budgets that showed the lowest CPC.

Once we got to the 1 million view mark, we killed all these “second and third tier country” ad sets.

1 Million Views for our Influencer Ad

Now that the video had the proper social proof, we were able to run standard conversions campaigns to our proper target audience and demographic.

When we created our retargeting campaign, we our set our custom audience and EXCLUDED a custom audience of the viral video viewers by targeting only Tier 1 countries, the US, UK, and Canada. This will ensure that you are not sending ads to the cheap traffic we used to get to that million view mark.

Key Results:

-1 Million Video Views in 5 Days

-400 Shares and 2000 Post Reactions

-Maintained the integrity of our retargeting funnel

-Created richer social proof that allowed for greater purchase conversions