Long Island’s Newest Noodle Spot…

Long Island’s Newest Noodle Spot…


Long Island’s Newest Noodle Spot…


I was fortunate enough to have recently dined at a very unique and exciting new Long Island eatery. Utilizing a mix of American, Asian and European influences, the Ren Wen Noodle Factory in Great Neck truly has a proprietary taste and concept, even within the city of a million and one restaurants! I’m not lying when I say I have never tried anything quite like the dishes at Ren Wen, starting with their “Crushed Cukes” salad, pictured below.


Crushed Cukes Salad:
                  Crushed Cucumbers & French Breakfast Radishes, RW Vinaigrette, Mint, Cilantro, Sichuan Peppercorn Oil, Crushed Peanuts


My meal featured a true mix of several diverse Asian cuisines. First — Korean, by way of the honey and vanilla soaked bbq ribs paired with a perfect Kimchi. The sauce was delicious, sticky and the meat — fall-off-the-bone tender.

Sticky Ribs:
                                                                                            Honey Powder, Madagascar Vanilla, RW Sticky Sauce


The next dish featured another fusion of Chinese flavors in their sweet and flakey Baossant”, a Bao-croissant super hybrid. The Baossant is an unreal amalgamation of a Chinese bao and a French croissant, with sweet honey and savory pork baked inside — cross-continental bliss. 

                                                                                      Croissant Roll, Lightning Pork, Honey, Sesame Seeds


And then came the noodles! Italy meets China with their signature “Lightning Pork” Noodle Bowl. Traditional Ramen noodles are pressed together and made to look like Italian fettuccini, which is then mixed with minced pork, Sichuan peanuts and appears similar to a typical ragu. The pressed ramen looks and feels like Italian pasta, however, there is an unmistakable Asian taste and influence with each bite; really living up to its “Noodle Factory” namesake. They also had a nice variety of both saucy and traditional soup bowls to select from.

Lightning Pork Noodle Bowl:
                                                                          10 Piece Noodles, Minced Pork, Gochujang, Vidalia Onion, Sichuan Peanuts


The dishes over at Ren Wen Noodle Factory are not just gastro fusion, they are wholly new creations brought to life by a passionate kitchen and an eye for fresh, interesting ingredients. The next dish, Shanghai Tacos, features a blend of Mexican AND Korean for a wild taco that boasts both a Kimchi Crema AND Queso Fresco!

Shanghai Tacos:
                                                                      Lightning Pork || Sichuan Peanuts, Pickled Carrots, Kimchi Crema, Queso Fresco


The meal is topped off with a delectable and whimsical finish. A warm, fresh baked brown butter + chocolate chip cookie, magically infused with Madagascar vanilla.  Another wild mix of cultures, involving Indian and African ingredients, with a playful American sensibility. It is rightfully paired alongside a sweet milk blended with All Spice; a perfect complement for dunking.

The Chocolate Chippy Cookie:
                                                                                        Brown Butter, Dark Chocolate, Madagascar Vanilla, AllSpice Milk

In summation, the meal, from start to finish, was truly unique and spectacular. It not only looks perfect, more importantly, it tastes great as well. The menu is unlike anything else around, I can promise you that much. They are really putting a twist on the traditional noodle culture currently overtaking the city foodscape. Overall, I highly recommend stopping by Great Neck and visiting the newest noodle spot on Long Island, Ren Wen Noodle Factory!

To visit their website and check out their menu, click here.


Written by Adam Giladi

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