If you’re a sushi lover like I am then you are someone that is always hunting for the newest craze and freshest fish around. From sushi burritos to sushi pizza, multi-cultural Asian fusion has sushi plates looking more wild and more appetizing than ever before. I just visited such a location, who’s relevantly new but provides a wonderous mixture of Chinese, Japanese, and Thai, sometimes all in one bite.

Fhoo Asian Bistro on Sunrise highway in Rockville Centre greets you with an immense reclining Buddha and a beautiful round bar in the back. Happy hour at the bar lives up to its namesake. I drank the Zombie, an infusion of White rum, dark rum, triple sec, lime juice, fruit juice topped with Bacardi 151 for $7. Strong, delicious and inexpensive, all my favorite.


The sushi here is both flavorful, whimsical and varies greatly. The first roll we indulged in is the Spicy Girl roll; spicy crunchy tuna, spicy crunchy yellowtail topped with spicy salmon and tobiko for $8. Well-packed rolls with fresh fish and a nice hot bite. The next roll, The Crazy Tuna, is truly the star of this plate. Spicy crunchy tuna inside topped with cajun pepper tuna, avocado and jalapeño. A crazy roll, as stated, with the cajun pepper tuna and jalapeno adding a delicious, unusual taste to a conventionally simple spicy tuna roll.

Crazy Tuna Roll on the right, Spicy Girl roll on the left

The finale was the treat of the night. Wanting to sample all the different pieces of beautiful fish they had to offer, I ordered myself the Sashimi appetizer for $12. The presentation alone was breathtaking and made it very difficult stop looking and start eating. The fish sat on a bed of shaved ice with lemons; clam shells and palm leaves act as a backdrop with an empty crab leg sprouting a flower on top completing the landscape. The sashimi platter consisted on salmon, tuna, yellowtail and fluke. The salmon was fatty and tender and probably my favorite, but the other pieces did not disappoint. The yellowtail sashimi is a specialty of theirs and that shined through in how its freshness and how well the scallion and lemon complemented the dish. Overall I would highly recommend Fhoo Asian Bistro to anyone in the south shore Long Island area who loves wild, whimsical asian fusion cuisine at an affordable price.Writer: Adam Giladi

Beautiful Sashimi Platter

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