“Brunch: Exciting Culinary Statement”

“Brunch: Exciting Culinary Statement”


(Blog post written for KarVér Hospitality)

There’s an old saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, clearly they must not have known about brunch! Brunch has become engrained in the public consciousness in recent years, but its creation is nothing new. Its origins stem from English writer Guy Beringer, who unintentionally founded brunch in 1896 when he proposed combining breakfast and lunch as a remedy to his Sunday morning hangover. He wrote, “Brunch is cheerful, sociable and inciting. It is talk-compelling. It makes you satisfied with yourself and your fellow beings.” We believe that same sentiment rings true today.


Contemporary brunch has become the laboratory of culinary innovation. Long gone are the days of only scrambled eggs vs. pancakes on weekends. Today’s modern brunch offers a wide variety of delicious options, as is evident in KarVér’s eclectic menu.

An array of classic breakfast items such as Eggs Benedict and Omelettes are featured, but with an infusion of traditional brasserie fare by way of the sweet and savory croques. (To learn more about croques, click here.) Each croque is generously stuffed with banana, or features ham and gruyère, or even smoked salmon and capers — with Osetra caviar on the side for a splurge! Whatever your mood, there is a croque for you.


And who could forget our avocado toast? A beautifully fresh dish which we take great pride in. Our culinary team starts with freshly-toasted Sourdough bread, spread with the star of the show, a perfectly ripe avocado; but here is where things take a turn for the amazing. On top, a beautifully poached egg is placed, just sitting there waiting to be broken into. The dish is then finished with heirloom tomatoes and delicate, handmade ricotta cheese. Every inch of this dish is a simple yet stunning masterpiece that you will hesitate to ruin — but ultimately, you won’t be able to resist!

Brunch in 2017 has become something of a culinary statement. Why have breakfast or lunch when you can combine these two meal periods into something truly special? Family and friends now gather around the table for what has become a ritual of sorts. At KarVér, we are now taking it to another level and with our own special touch. Please check out our brunch menu, below, and stop by this weekend to give us a try!


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