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To leverage the Facebook Messenger platform in order to increase ticket sales while increasing ROI with a $15,000/month advertising budget.

Key Results:

Overall ROAS: 3.86

CPM: $5.40

CTR: 6.42%

Budget: 15,000/mo

The Strategy:

Facebook’s messenger platform allows for a whole new level of customer interaction during their buying journey. With this technology at our hands we want to create an interactive experience that take a person from prospector to buyer in less steps than ever.

‘Fish Masters’ had attempted to sell tickets to its “In-shore fishing seminar” to a target audience that was not at all familiar with the owner, the service, the brand and even, for some, Facebook in general. Instead of using a sales oriented conversion campaign with the hopes that people will directly purchase a course they know nothing about (no brand recognition), we decided to use Facebook Messenger to offer a free seminar — to warm up, inform and entice potential customers.

The lead magnet of a free seminar was utilized to help guide those who reached out, into the funnel to eventually purchase this online “inshore fishing” course. We decided to utilize the Facebook Messenger objective that took people to the Facebook messenger platform, which allowed them to speak directly to the business owner and have all their questions answered. Here, they connected with the business owner they will be learning from, in order to educate them more on nature of the service and alleviate any pain points.

The owner, through messenger, elaborated on the course for potential clientele and provided a new level of intimacy in the digital customer journey that traditional, passive ads never had.  The customer received one-on-one attention that most competitors do not offer. When that client gets a similar ‘one-on-one’ feeling that is created during the course, through their messenger exchanges, the likelihood of converting that lead increases.

By utilizing this Facebook Messenger strategy we saw a 3.86x ROAS (return on ad spend), a Click-Through Rate of 6.42% and a CPM of $5.40.

The local competition in this particular geographic location was still using YellowPages and print ads to sell their service, so messenger ads were a huge change in what locals traditionally thought of as advertising.

Messenger facilitated a helpful exchange to those who needed to learn more before moving over the finish line —  finally attending the seminar and ultimately, purchasing the fishing course.

The Facebook Messenger objective helped to break down traditional barriers between brand and customer. It allowed potential customers direct access to a brand in order to have any questions and apprehensions addressed in real time.

We found, through several campaigns, that people who interact on Messenger were uniquely exposed to the brand voice — further strengthening their familiarity with that brand.  This aids in achieving a greater customer lifetime value, while increasing the customer retention rate. It’s through Messenger that we are able to convert customers that would have been impossible to convince with a traditional static ad.

Adam Giladi